Week 15- Artist Conversation- Fiber Program

Exhibition Information

Name: Fiber Program specifically Sovanchan Sorn and Patricia Marten

Media: Mixed Media, Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Exhibition: School of Art Holiday Art Sale

About the Artist

While shopping for cute little handmade gifts for my friends and family during the holidays I met Sovanchan Sorn and Patricia Marten. Marten is in her first year at California State University of Long Beach as a graduate student in the fibers program. Sorn is an undergraduate student that will be graduating next semester. Marten enjoys the fiber program because it doesn’t have a structure of its own but instead you have to show it on a model. Sovanchan chose the fiber program because it is flexible and she has control over what she wants the materials to do and she can manipulate them however she pleases. She began her school at Long Beach City College and transferred to CSULB. She doesn’t have direct plans for grad school and it is up in the air as an option.

Formal Analysis

The fiber program uses many different materials such as wood, metal, sill screening, thread, string, basically anything that is pliable to be put together. Many artists choose to use recycled materials while others have a preference of a specific type of material that they use.

Content Analysis

Since this interview was not focused on one certain piece and because the artists of most of the pieces in the gallery were not there we were not able to get specific details of the work being shown and sold in the gallery. A lot of what was being sold was clothing that is wearable and things like scarves. It was exciting to see handmade clothing that could be hung up in a gallery or you could see someone simply wearing the piece.

My Experience

I thought it was really neat the way that the fiber program worked together to get their pieces sold and it was unlike the other galleries because the pieces were all put together instead of having separate tables/stations for each artist. They all were amazing and I almost gave in to buying a halter top. I hope to go to more of these sales to help support the schools art program.



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