Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Tina Nguyen


Tina, Tina, Tina. Where do I start? Well this interesting woman is going to go very far in life. Tina is an undergraduate student in her second year as a biochem major. Seeing as she is a biochem major you can tell just how hardworking she is to achieve what she wants with her life. Talking to Tina I learned a few of her favorite things. Tina loves chicken nuggets and french fries with a strong passion but she would never be able to give up her love for sushi, especially revolving sushi restaurants. It would be even better if she could be eating sushi while binge watching her favorite show Greys Anatomy. Although Tina doesn’t have a favorite color she does have favorite colors to wear which are creme colors. Hopefully she will find some cute creme colored outfit for when her favorite holiday, Christmas, comes rolling around.

Now onto the question of the week regarding Demi Lovato. Tina thought that the unrealistic breasts was not only rude to Demi but also woman all over the world. Disrespecting one woman like that can also disrespect others.



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