Week 11- Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janus Maxim
Media:  Mixed-Media, Installation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: Click Here
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

About the Artist

Kyle Kruse on his sixth year studying at California State University of Long Beach. He is in the School of Art Printmaking program to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree then hopes to further his education at a graduate school. This exhibition is his “senior show”. Kyle was diagnosed with Insomnia so he struggles to rest which causes for him to have extra time for the things that he enjoys. He loves to wander with his camera as well as rock climbing. Along with rock climbing he finds a lot of joy in reading and researching topics that are interesting to him.

Formal Analysis

Kyle used printing, film making and wood carvings to create his installation exhibition. The floor in the gallery was purposely dirty and the whole gallery was dark other than the video playing on the walls. It had a very dark and scary vibe to it but the woodcarvings were absolutely incredible.

Content Analysis

Kyle Kruse was not like any of the other artists that i have had the joy to have a conversation with. Kyle was determined to not tell anyone what everything in the gallery meant and instead giving us hints for us to figure it out ourselves with the hints of his exhibition statement. We did learn were his fascination with the wood carvings derived from in the process. Growing up his grandparents had always collected little wood carvings and they were stored throughout the house so when he went to visit he became more and more interested in them. It took him 10 months to create his exhibition and a lot of hard work.

My Experience

For me, it was difficult to really connect with Kyle because our lives and thought process is so different but i had a great appreciation for his artwork. Walking in to his exhibition I was amazed by how much detail he put into his work.


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