Week 10- Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alicia Keyworth
Exhibition: Oddments
Media: Fiber
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: Alicia’s Website
Instagram: @AliciaKeyworth

About The Artist

Alicia Keyworth is an undergraduate student in the California State University School of Art Fiber Program. Alicia is working towards her Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts. She is not looking into any graduate schools as of right now because she is doing her single teaching credentials for kindergarten through 12th grade and her bachelors in Art Education. Alicia would like to become an Art Teacher in the future. She started as CSULB right after high school as an graphic design major then switched to art education and while studying that she took a dye class which made her extremely interested in the fiber program. Her dream project would be to do a collaboration with either Eileen Fisher or Patagonia.

Formal Analysis

Alicia uses old clothing to create her pieces for the Oddments exhibition. The clothing includes cotton T-shirts, Denim Jeans, Thread. Yarn and discarded clothing. She re-purposed the clothing to create a new jumpsuit, shirt and much more. The pieces were named T-shirt Landfill, Deconstructed Denim Jeans Shirt, Denim Landfill, Scrap Jumpsuit, Deconstructed T-shirts Shirt and Scrap Landfill.

Content Analysis

Inspired by how much clothing becomes waste, Alicia decided to create clothing from older clothing that was not being used any longer. She wanted to create something that could be equally valuable in both an art gallery and out in the world. 82 pounds of clothing per person is wasted over the span of one year. She shares the belief that we have a disposable culture for clothing because of the constant changes in fashion. Oddments is a play on the true definition of loose pieces combined. It is post waste but she didn’t want to name her exhibition something as broad as Post Waste as a title.

My Experience

I never truly thought of how much clothing is wasted. I still own clothing from when I was in middle school and elementary school. I try to give away all my clothing that i don’t wear to organizations to help others that are struggling right now but that is not always the case. I think it is awesome that Alicia chose to recreate pieces of clothing. It is an awesome way to recycle things that would otherwise become waste and ruin our society even more.


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