Week 9- Art Activity- Art Care Package

I created this art care package to show to my significant other. He did not know me while we were growing up so he continues to learn more and more about me as we spend more time together. I included pictures of my closest friends as well as little memories. The mouse fashion pin was my grandmothers that I found when I inherited all of her jewelry after she passed away. The beaded lizard is a representation of my childhood. Throughout my childhood I taught other kids how to create these beaded animals in summer camps. The target symbol is to show how my life is now because I do work at the target store in Seal Beach and have been for over a year now. There a letter that came with this care package but it is not shown for personal reasons.

Sending this care package is similar to sending a snapchat with the fact that it is only a quick glimpse into my life yet different because a care package would obviously last longer than 10 seconds. The only way i think this box would change value over time is the pictures with my friends. Later in my life I’m sure these pictures will mean a lot more to me than they do now. I believe that there is a difference between art that is shown to everyone and art that is shown to a select number of people because if it is shown to just a few people than if feels more intimate. Although it may take longer for the receiver to view the package than it would be to view a snapchat, it means more than a 10- second picture ever could.


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