Week 7- Artist Conversation- Brianna Meli

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brianna Meli
Exhibition: Over_Realmed
Media:  Fiber, Installation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: BriannaMeli

About the Artist

While talking to Brianna Meli I realized just how interesting her point of view is. Brianna is in the Fibers Program in the School of Art at California State University of Long Beach. She has her Masters for library science because working in libraries gives her pure joy. She loves to incorporate workshops and programs for children into the libraries as well as integrating art for kids and teenagers. She wants to fuse art and online resources to communicate to people across the world.

Formal Analysis

Walking into the Marilyn Werby Gallery you become intrigued by cords weaved together to create something beautiful. All the cords where used to charge or help electronic devices function. There was also a video being shown of her creating these weaved together cords as notifications popped up on the screen as they would on a cell phone or a computer.

Content Analysis

Over_Realmed was focused on the idea that our generation spends way too much time on our phones and there is no escaping this reality. We do not communicate face to face with one another like we used to before cellular devices were brought into our everyday lives. She wants us to have balance in our lives. Cell phones brought about many beneficial changes as well as uncomfortable changes. Brianna has the feeling that she spends too much time on her phone and struggles with the idea of  constantly wanting to update her friends through text and social media.

My experience

Her idea of being over whelmed with electric devices is very relative to my life. Walking through our campus students and constantly looking down at their phones while bumping into other students because they are more focused by what is going on in the social media world instead of the real world. I found it very ironic that while interviewing Brianna about this exhibition I was using my cell phone to take notes and pictures.



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