Week 4- Artist Conversation- Cintia Segovia


Exhibition Information

Artist: Cintia Segovia

Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed

Media: Video, 4-d visual

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: Cintia’s Webpage

About the Artist

Cintia Segovia is currently in her second year of working towards her Master of Fine Arts degree at California State University of Long Beach. Immigrating from Mexico City to Southern California five years ago has cause for her to have many experiences that others her age may not have had but that change has also caused for her to push even harder to create the life that she wants to live. She became interesting in photography at 17 years old when she was using a 35 mm black and white camera. Sadly, starting college she was not able to start as an photography major as an undergrad student because of her parents disapproval. In Mexico, Cintia worked behind the scenes in television so she acquired the skills that she now has today. Not only does Cintia study Photography, she also teaches intro to digital photography and digital photo imaging as California State University of North ridge. She has had the privilege of having a group show that was presented in the LA municipal art gallery as well as having MOLAA acquire and publish one of her paintings.

Formal Analysis

Walking into the gallery, I was amazed by a tiny robot that seemed to be wandering about the gallery space. Watching it more closely I realized that every time that it stopped it would say something and then continue wandering. The robot, also known as “el roboto”  was saying phrases like “Have you ever been a part of the communist party?” and  “Have you ever had sexual relations with someone while they were forced”. When i asked Cintia she said that they were questions asked when she did her online questionnaire to become a citizen of the United States or to obtain your green card. Not only was there a robot, but there was also a video playing that Cintia wrote,edited and produced.

Content Analysis

Cintia’s gallery was completely based on her move from Mexico City to Southern California. She was inspired to create the robot and video based on the idea that the process to obtain a green card or citizenship to the United States is made too difficult. The governments questions are based upon the wrong ideas. The have not evolved the questions basis to issues that are happening now and instead focus on history such as the Cold War. The video that was being shown has facts from real news in Mexico. Cintia has asked for the content of the video to remain inside of the gallery to make sure there is no confusion and it is not taken out of context.

My Experience

Cintia Segovia should be an inspiration for us all. She is fighting head on the issues that are presented to immigrants on a daily basis instead of going through the process and then forgetting about it. She works hard daily as a teacher and a student working towards her goal of obtaining her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography. Before actually talking to Cintia about her gallery, I read her statement and was automatically inspired by how strong her message was and I was not the only one. A crowd of my classmates were surrounding her all trying to listen to what she had to say. Thank you Cintia for inspiring us all to stick up for what we believe in.

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