Week 3- Artist Conversation- Wansi Ieong

Exhibition Information

Artist: Wansi Ieong

Exhibition: 2068

Media: Oil Paint on canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery-West

Instagram: Faziieong

Website: not available at this time


About the Artist

Wansi Ieong is an undergraduate student at California State University of Long Beach working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She is currently in the Drawing and Painting program in the CSULB School of Art. She traveled to the United States from China hoping to further her artistic future just under five years ago. Her life experiences are shown throughout her paintings for the world to see. Ieong has always seen art as a part of her future and she is pursuing that future by having the opportunity to show her work in the Gatov Gallery-West.

Formal Analysis

Using Oil Paint, paintbrushes and a canvas, Wansi Ieong created the piece 2048.  Having the older woman in the center of the painting and at a larger scale makes her the main focus of the painting. Another main focus of the painting is the younger woman in the mirror with her hand reaching out. It is not shown what she is reaching out at but it is explained when she explains what she is conveying in the piece. She uses the idea of shadowing to make the painting very realistic. She also keeps the shapes natural to our lives to make it even more realistic.

Content Analysis

2068 has a very deep meaning as to what is conveyed. The older woman that is the main focus is an older version of Wansi. She is depressed with how she is living and regrets that she let her life live out the way that it did. 2068 is the title of the piece and also the year that is being shown in the painting. The younger woman in the piece is also portraying Wansi. She is reaching out of the mirror to try to stop the older woman from making mistakes in her life. At the end of her life she wants to be happy. Wansi does not want to live with any regrets, coming to the United States to pursue art was a huge leap for her that her family did not entirely agree with. Society today has an idea that to be successful you have to work as a lawyer, doctor, or engineer but Wansi just wants to be happy. Luckily, she has found something that makes her happy and that is painting. Art is not an easy field of work to go into and that scared her family. They were concerned for her future as well as the future of her brother for entering the world of art although it has always been their interest. Wansi knows what she wants to do with her life and continuing to pursue what interests her and keeps her happy.

My Experience

Wansi Ieong is truly an inspiration to me. She knows what she wants in her life and that is happiness. She is not going to let our societies idea of success change her future. Students today are told that college is the way to go and are judged if they choose not to take the normal path of school. From my experience, my high school practically forced our students to apply to college. It wasn’t as much of a choice as it should of been, it was more like an expectation. I am glad that i was able to meet Wansi and have a conversation about her life experiences. It is much different from my life but i hope to have the courage that she has at such a young age. She has inspired me to be different and don’t let society choose what I am going to do with my life.

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