Week 2:Classmate Conversation (1pm)

IMG_1709IMG_1708 This week I had the great honor or meeting and interacting with Nhi Truong. She is from Westminster so she is not far from Cal State Long Beach. Nhi is a great student and she has to be a great student to be  the pre-nursing student that she is. She is in her 2nd year here at CSULB and enjoying the difference from high school to college. Like me, she is taking this class because she is interested in art and looking at it from different peoples perspectives but also it taking it because it is a general education course.

She believes that art is very important in our world today because it is a way for people to express themselves. With everyone in our world today afraid to be different, art is a form of expression that can either be shown or kept in secret if they do not feel confident enough to show off their masterpiece. With uniforms being enforced in schools and work as well as being an outcast when showing anything that is different it is hard in our society to be yourself no matter how creative and artistic you are. It it important to be yourself and create whatever comes into your mind. Our world needs art in no matter what form it comes in, it could be fashion, painting, photography and much more.

I was lucky to meet the great and genuine Nhi.

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