Week 2: Landscapes with a Corpse (1pm)


With my busy schedule, I knew early in the week that i would not have time to go find a place in the area to take my “landscape with a corpse” picture so instead I chose to create this in the comfort of my own home(well I guess property since it is outside). With my mothers help, I laid down in the driveway with the sun shining down hard on me and and traced an outline of my body so we could make more lines around me. Although i ended up as a chalky mess, we had tons of fun bonding over this experience. Playing dead is a lot harder than you think when the sun is so bright and blinding. Even the cat wanted to make sure i was still alive and breathing as you could tell from the picture above. The chalk outline is still on the driveway so there might be a few more pictures uploaded as the rest of my family comes home and becomes a chalky mess. Overall it was a fun experience.

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