Plaster Casting 

I got lucky on the day of my plaster hand casting. The beach was not packed, which really came as a surprise since it is the last weekend of summer before other schools start this week, the weather was nice and the sand was available from me and a few friends to stick our hands into. We had a blast making molds and ensuring that the rising tide did not interfere with our molds. Although a lot of screaming was involved when the water even came close to touching them, we had a lot of ton building a wall to protect our masterpieces. I have never made a plaster casting so this was my first experience and it did not come out as great as I would have liked but you live you learn , right? Definitely seems like a fun activity that I just might have to suggest to the leaders of the camp that I work at or take the kids that a babysit. Overall it was a fun and new experience that I hope to have a chance to enjoy again.

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