Classmate Conversation 

I was able to meet and interact with the one and only Marysol Jimenez. This sociology loving young woman has lived in Southern California her whole life! When starting at CSULB she was dorming but when you live less than 30 minutes away sometimes it’s just not worth it. If you ever want to have a nice laugh or a good conversation just head her way cause she will make you have a good laugh. 

We share the same belief that anything can be a piece of art, something as simple as taking a photograph of a wall at a certain angle can be art. Art in our world just simply does not stop with the press of a button. Doodles in class, photographs with friends, the preparation of food, etc. Anything can be art depending on how you view it. Everyone has a different perception of the world and one persons idea of something simple could be another persons idea of art. Remember to stop by and get a conversation started with Marysol to get a different perspective of the world! 

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